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About US

We have been managing and producing various upscale events for several years in Paris, Cannes and Monaco as well as various destinations abroad.

From small groups celebrating a birthday or just having a private upscale party to big companies launching a new product as well as back-to-back big events during the Film Festival in Cannes and events during the Paris Fashion Week

Our team will be at your entire disposal to offer you solutions to cater your specific needs.  We will make everything possible to make your dream event come true. We have an important database of some of the greatest talents in Europe (musicians, performers, dancers, …) and we work with the finest interior designers and show directors.  We think out of the box so that your “Tailor Made” event will not be just another event.

We are an event production company. That means that we will take of all the production side of your event such as light, sound, decoration, flowers and entertainment. We will give you ideas to make any venue the perfect place for your wedding, birthday, congress, product launch, location openings etc

We prefer working in cities and countries where we have experience and network so to reduce risk of error and reduce time of execution.  Just to conclude we are not just another event company. We are here to impress you and your clients!


We organize events in France but also abroad For us, nothing is more important than to deliver an experience to the participants, and all our events have this “French touch” and to add that extra plus that will make your event “special” You want to be rewarded, to entertain, to connect, to get away from it all, to think about the future, to get inspired…

Whatever your reasons, we are there to deliver the experience which will be just perfect for you. And it’s perfect because it is tailor made, to your requirements, those of the participants, and to your budget. This is how we do all of our corporate events in France. We do great events all over France. The objective for us is to deliver something unique. It means that the connection to your colleagues, partners, clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders will be stronger after the event. And we hope so much stronger that they will stick to your company.

We are extremely good at this in our corporate events as we think the human connection is paramount. Our corporate events in France are designed to reinforce this connection and that can make a big difference, especially in sales. We also truly understand the purpose of spending some money on an event, so we make sure you get a great added value.

We do Amazing Events!
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